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Although she is quite focused on strategic communications, she sometimes works as scriptwriter and content manager for literary, photographic or exhibition projects. She used to have a blog. Tamara is a photographer, astronaut and cultural agitator. Combines her work as a photographer with others in communications and cultural management.

David is a visual artist who creates magnificent imaginaries arranged on different media. His vibrant patterns and acid sculptures cover all the brightness of the colour palettes. Constantly busy working on projects including fashion, publishing or creating large format gouache paintings with his well known pop imaginary. The references to David are, amongst others, Matisse, Morrissey, Jodorowsky and the yellow colour.

Designer from Asturias who works creating both small and large solutions, online and offline for a wide range of clients in art, fashion, culture and commerce. Went to London to study for a year and ended up staying for four. She studied Audiovisual Communication in Salamanca, for the specialisation in cinema and for devotion.

Inside the campus, gets in touch with radio and gets hooked. She studies there her second Masters, in Audiovisual Speech. In she returned to Galicia to be part of a project that she fell in love with from the beginning and where she discovered that another kind of communication is possible: communication for development.

Through Agareso, she coordinated for a year the radio station of A Lama Penitentiary Center, gave workshops within the prison and in several Cogami centres. This chapter of her life ended with sadness and tears, but a new one began when she felt the call of production, for which she felt a crazy attraction since she was studying and continues to excite her with each new project in which she takes part.

Holds a degree in Photography at Mestre Mateo School. His career spans everything related to photography and film.

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While living in London, his permanent curiosity took him to take several courses in photo and video. Vocationally self taught, sees the light with an instruction manual in his hands. As photographer, he works in projects related to fashion, theatre and music. Since , works at Curtocircuito International Film Festival Santiago de Compostela, Spain in production, programming and as technical manager.

The other David holds a degree in film and audiovisual communications. In a continuous professional evolution, combines all the aforementioned and also takes part in a number of artistic interventions and exhibitions.

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His career started in teaching and graphic design. He does web design and layouts for several institutional bodies. Full time Matrix software architect; buddhist monk when he decides to have his medications and choses the red pill; and just sometimes, may be because of the excitement after a Ben Frost gig or for the almost eternal waiting for his annual appointment with Nils Frahm,: he collaborates, develops and fights in everything that comes up and catches his attention. And the year-old Baxter continues his prolific work as a stage director.

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Baxter said he found the scene with Lillli Palmer as a Dietrich-like friend of director Jake Hannaford John Huston much more compelling, since he considers Palmer a real star and more truly sexy. Antonioni , although Kodar, who wrote and directed some of those scenes, evidently believes they comprise a genuine work of art. That is still a bone of contention among scholars and one of the vexing problems remaining to be sorted out by those completing the film. He suggested that people think twice before contributing to the Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign. Such disagreements even among devoted Wellesians show how difficult and unusual this project remains and how those of us who passionately defend it and hope for its completion will have to keep doing so despite all odds.

Those are among the qualities I value in it, for Welles was always experimenting and breaking daringly new artistic ground, which also caused his other films to have trouble on their first release. We also stopped in a small plaza between a church and a hotel. This was around the corner from a restaurant where the alcalde put on a feast for us; the establishment had catered the cast and crew meals when the film was on location half a century ago. Our guide explained that after the open-air lunch was finished each day during the filming, one of the picnic tables would be cleared so Welles could stretch out for a nap.

Modernism and Avant-garde movements The turn of the century brought new winds of modernity. The aesthetic sensibility of the time was marked by a different, freer attitude towards art and life. Topics In this section you can search among all our contents by topic to find the different resources available in Spain, such as museums, routes, destinations, monuments and many, many more.

Cultural routes Cities, towns and villages Fiestas and traditions Artists and creators Outstanding works. Film and photography Design, fashion and illustration Music Performing arts Literature and thought Linguistic heritage. Audience This section provides access to all the contents in a personalised way, according to your own particular interests and socio-demographic profile. Autonomous Regions This section provides access to the contents in each autonomous region by browsing through maps.

Share Add to favourites. Therefore, i-spn-ya would mean the land where metals are forged, two 15th-century Spanish Jewish scholars, Don Isaac Abravanel and Solomon ibn Verga, gave an explanation now considered folkloric. Both men wrote in two different published works that the first Jews to reach Spain were brought by ship by Phiros who was confederate with the king of Babylon when he laid siege to Jerusalem.

This man was a Grecian by birth, but who had given a kingdom in Spain. Based upon their testimonies, this eponym would have already been in use in Spain by c.

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After an arduous conquest, the peninsula came fully under Roman Rule, during the early Middle Ages it came under Germanic rule but later, much of it was conquered by Moorish invaders from North Africa. In a process took centuries, the small Christian kingdoms in the north gradually regained control of the peninsula. The last Moorish kingdom fell in the same year Columbus reached the Americas, a global empire began which saw Spain become the strongest kingdom in Europe, the leading world power for a century and a half, and the largest overseas empire for three centuries. Continued wars and other problems led to a diminished status.

The Napoleonic invasions of Spain led to chaos, triggering independence movements that tore apart most of the empire, eventually democracy was peacefully restored in the form of a parliamentary constitutional monarchy. Spain joined the European Union, experiencing a renaissance and steady economic growth.

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Michael Mann — Michael Kenneth Mann is an American film director, screenwriter, and producer of film and television. He received a B. So thats what Kubrick meant, aside from the fact that Strangelove was a revelation and his daughter Ami Canaan Mann is also a film director and producer. Mann later moved to London in the mid s to go to school in cinema.

He went on to receive a degree at the London Film School.


He spent seven years in the United Kingdom going to school and then working on commercials along with contemporaries Alan Parker, Ridley Scott. Mann returned to United States after divorcing his first wife in and he went on to direct a road trip documentary,17 Days Down the Line. Around this time, he worked on a show called Police Story with cop-turned-novelist Joseph Wambaugh, Police Story concentrated on the detailed realism of a real cops life and taught Mann that first-hand research was essential to bring authenticity to his work.

His first feature movie was a special called The Jericho Mile. Contrary to popular belief, he was not the creator of these shows and they were produced by his production company and his cinematic influence is felt throughout each show in terms of casting and style. Mann is now known primarily as a film director.

In terms of sound, he is known for unusual scores, dante Spinotti is a frequent cinematographer of Manns pictures.

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His next film The Keep, a thriller set in Nazi-occupied Romania, was an uncharacteristic choice. Though it was a flop, the film has since attained cult status amongst fans. He gained widespread recognition in for his adaptation of James Fenimore Coopers novel into the epic film Last of the Mohicans. The film, written, directed, and produced by Michael Mann, is an adaptation of the s TV series of the same name, on which Mann was an executive producer. Stevens reveals that hes leaving town, and, believing his wife Leonetta to be in immediate danger, Crockett learns that Stevens was working as an informant for the FBI but has been compromised.

Stevens reveals that a Colombian cartel had become aware that Russian undercovers were working with the FBI, Rico, learning of Leonettas death by telephone call, tells Alonzo that he doesnt have to go home. Hearing this, the grief-stricken Stevens commits suicide by walking in front of a semi truck. En route to the scene, Sonny and Rico receive a call from Lt.