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Certainly, photos that are grappling with issues like unemployment could arguably incorporate those who are out of work into the frame. They could make their heavy themes explicit rather than merely a talking point to discuss and promote after the fact. Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky has spent the last 20 years documenting landscapes around the world that have been drastically altered by large-scale human activity: vast deserts populated by nodding oil rigs, winding rivers of neon-orange nickel tailings, bottomless quarries and toxic shipbreaking sites, and mounds of discarded tires so massive they resemble a sea of coal-colored Cheerios.

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Some photographers suspect that viewers might be paralyzed by the doomed reality of such depressing portraits. But there are also limits to what scare tactics can accomplish, and some photographers suspect that viewers might be paralyzed by the doomed reality of such depressing portraits, even ones that are artfully staged.

Chris Jordan experienced this struggle when documenting the plastic waste that has consumed the Midway atoll in the Pacific Ocean , where crushed bits of bottle caps, toothbrushes, lighters, and cell phones can be seen poking through the decomposed stomachs of dead albatrosses. Jordan has since supplemented those horrific images with countervailing glimpses of beauty, such as the ecstatic joy of hatching season on the islands.

Meanwhile, critics like Apel see no inherent message in such images of dilapidated food courts and arcades, but rather view those images as emblematic of a corrosive pop culture that veers toward sensationalism. Like so many instances in our post-factual contemporary reality, the details can be interpreted to fit the narrative. Global warming is poised to reprogram entire geographic climates in the coming decades, and superstorms will likely ravage more coastal towns and cities.

Post-Apocalyptic Industrialization: Sustaining High Culture After Massive Social Shift And Collapse

Globalized networks of trade and migration and war will continue to displace more people, feeding into renewed feelings of tribalism that are surging across both developed and developing countries. These chroniclers are, fittingly, keeping busy.

Top 10 Post-Apocalyptic Movies To See Before The World Ends

Geyrhalter, too, is in the early stages of another project that will take the surface of the Earth as its subject. Source: Tokyo Weekender. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.

Migration in the preindustrial era, 1650–1750

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The First Modern Post-Apocalypse Novel: After London

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