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Beech-Nut becomes a disruptive force in baby food

Thanks for all the replies, everyone. There's quite a range in eating habits. He just won't do it - once he's had enough he just spits out anything else I spoon in. You can't eat them make more than they need, and that's a good thing! Since they are the ones who know what they need If I try to eat when I'm not hungry I just end up feeling really ill In fact, I recommend it to everyone, even if you aren't having an eating 'problem', as it's just the best thing I've read about baby and child nutrition, their needs, etc.

Baby Food - Jar vs Pouch vs Homemade - BABY'S CHOICE

It really helped me to trust that M knows best what he needs and my job is just to offer an appropriate amount of nutritious food and see what happens :. And having just disrupted him by moving house I don't really want to start tackling the night feeding straightaway as I know that will be difficult for him.

We've always struggled with Libby's eating. She's never been that into food and is a very lazy eater, preferring things that melt in her mouth. Now she's 19m and is still only eating stage 2 jars and not a whole one. She would eat stage 3, but as they don't keep that long, I feel it would be a waste. Lunch - beans about 10 if we're lucky! Maybe a yoghurt or fuit if she's not full. Some babies this age do still need their night feeds - C eats little and often throughout the day - hardly ever eats a big meal - so it stands to reason that she will need milk at night, I think.

It's also way healthier to eat this way than to eat three large meals, so I would try not to worry about it. About 3 tablespoons natural yoghurt with banana this is the only thing she can feed herself with a spoon for, and it takes ages! The rest is fingerfood.

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She's a skinny minny and has a good five BFs a day, at least, as well as water and watered fruit juice. I have always found that C eats better if I try lots of new things with her. If you're worried, I would move away from the jars tbh - they all taste the same we used them when moving house, I tried them! Thanks for the last two replies ; I've just seen them.

Andrew hasn't eaten much today actually so we'll see how he sleeps tonight Your way of feeding him whilst he's also experimenting is a really good idea. Well done for still breastfeeding too. It must be tough sometimes still having to do night feeds. Orla will be 13 months next week and so only a bit younger than Andrew.

We started off with baby led weaning when Orla was exactly 6 months. I breast fed exclusively for 6 months and am still breastfeeding now although she is normally just on 2 feeds a day now sometimes an extra comfort feed during the day if she bumps her head or gets a bit grizzly.

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She still gets food which she can pick up and play with, put in her mouth if we're lucky, not pull it back out her mouth if we're lucky this is a trick she learnt when she was about 10 months and she's still doing it - I'm relaxed about it but hubby gets really stressed. An average day is like this:.

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  • Toddler Feeding.
  • Half a weetabix with full fat cow's milk If I'm going to work that day I reverse the first breastfeed and weetabix to make sure she eats her cereal. I also try and remember to give her water throughout the day too. Today she had an extra breastfeed mid afternoon but that's not a regular thing.

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    I'm sure Andrew's fine and the fact that you're still breastfeeding means that he's getting plenty of the nutrients he needs from that. Don't worry too much easier said than done, I know If you're fine about giving him those night feeds then I would just carry on as you have been but otherwise maybe give him a couple of extra small snack meals aday - maybe a yoghurt or banana.

    Jam Sponge:. This he will eat because yoghurt is his favourite food! On a bad day, he will eat maybe a quater of his sandwiches, the carrot sticks and the yoghurt. Followed by a fruit pot or some dairy free cake. On a bad day, he will eat half a jar and a couple of spoons of puree, then remove his bibs and whine to get out of the highchair. Luke has very little interest in food. Due to his intolerance, he didn't learn to eat lumpy food until he was 11 months. He only gets interested in food if he's really hungry, but will bore quickly.

    He is anyone's for a raisin though! He's a very skinny lad, only weighs just over 21lbs, but is very, very active.


    From the Jar or Blender: Which Baby Food Is Best? – Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic

    Does your mth-old eat a full jar of baby food? Join the conversation! Chat and get advice from other brides-to-be. Register for free Sign in to reply. Previous Thread Next Thread. Page 1 of 1 15 items. Locked Contact. Re: Does your mth-old eat a full jar of baby food?

    He then BFs to sleep, and will usually have a few BFs during the day at random intervals. Babypixie Posts 28, Mine is only 11 months old almost and he has a huge appetite. I made my soup at 7am this morning, I had my lunch at around 1pm and it was still boiling hot. Great for toddler snacks when out and about. Airtight so keeps things fresh. Nice size jam jars - just right. Nice little food flask. Currently unavailable. This flavor takes some getting used to. My baby didn't really adapt to this flavor immediately unlike the fruit flavors that she'd tried.

    But after 2 or 3 feedings, she started to like it. It's salt free too which is a plus! One thing to note about this - is that it stains quite bad - on the spoon, and on clothes. I recommend to use non-cloth bibs when feeding, also non-silicone tipped spoons. But other than that, I highly recommend this flavor!!! See All Buying Options. Fabulous box of 12 little airtight jars. I a m putting all my herbs and spices in them and they look great. If you are fed up with the usual shop jars get some of these.

    They do bigger size jars as well.

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