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Africa would have become severely depopulated but there would still be survivors who probably would have drifted even further into a fragmented tribal culture. Asia would have suffered a lot also but there it might be an unbalanced loss. Those in the urban areas with money and an infrastructure to call on may have coped better whilst vast numbers of rural peasants may have been killed off. This culling of the peasants might actually provide countries like China and India with an opportunity to exploite. So in summary: Would such an event kill us off as a species - NO Would such an event drive all of humanity back to the stoneage - NO Would the advance of technological civilisation be halted - YES but only for a limited period of time maybe 25 years.

How can such an important region be systematically forgotten? Sometimes I think it is a blind spot in the world conscience For the records, we will survive. Presumably this was propaganda. Surely the reality is that the Mexicanos will gun down los salos gringos on sight! And similarly if a disaster caused the US population to flee north to Canada, the Mounties'll be there to track'em down!

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Amazing how the USA, the most generous country in history, is also the most hated! That's gratitude for you! That is, assuming The Tank survived ;.

Summarizing, things would be a mess. Let's hope these things and worse don't happen before the earth is just one of a few equal options for mankind. In other words, a long long time ahead of us.

Armageddon Yellowstone: Hell Unleashed by Terry Rich Hartley

No, they're spiteful and they're hateful. So let's do something that will surprise them, Let's drop the Big One, and atomize them. I do not advocate doing this, and neither does Randy Newman. I hope! Remember Jonathan Swift and his "Modest Proposal".

Not a nuke, maybe, but cluster munitions. One, its just too far for any but the most southern states to have time to evacuate to anyway. Two, you've got the general opinion in the US that you'd be jumping out of the frying pan and into a latrine to contend with. In what way? Lowered population? What kind of planning do you mean? Who else would come out ahead?

Would it solve our global warming problems? Lead to an ice age?

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Would it help if we sacrificed a few goats? I saw that. Let's see. Disaster movies are a disaster! Ah, You got to love those guys down under. Lot's of skeptics down there. Lot's of people who think in a rational way. While they do have their share of religious nuts and woo's, they represent a much smaller porportion of the population as compared to the United States.

I find myself strangely drawn to the idea of a new world order, where Australia and New Zealand are the center of the science and technology on Earth. After all, New Zealand has elected a prime minister who is an admitted Agnostic. Long live the the new world order of the southern seas! I have the same musing, regarding a certain South American country, that is In the event of Stuff Happening, Rio sounds like a heckuva deal.

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If Yellowstone does erupt, you may be glad you stayed under the radar. It would be pleasant to think that all the affected nations would "play nice" with the rest of the world, but I have a feeling that there could be a few "forced immigrations. Caryn, I would not make any guesses about the behavior of real life countries good or bad based on the nonsense in that movie.

But a piece of friendly advice, you are probably getting close to the political limits for this board. Actually, I was going more by the "greetings" President Bush got on his S. American tour last week! Please be so kind as to address that post. If her questions do have biblical origins, so what? If she's willing to accept real world counterarguments, how is she wrong. Also, this isn't ATM, R. Ah, but therein lies the question. This forum so desperately needs a shrug emoticon You are getting into political issues and that is against the rules around here.

Thanks for the extremely enlightening link ;. When was the last time that a troll accepted real world counterarguments?? Also, this isn't ATM When I see Velikovsky mentioned, it certainly isn't General Science either If you have a problem with me or my posts then report me to a Mod. Simple as that Now I know not to waste my time on a troll.

Thomas Rainwater’s Past - Yellowstone Season 1 - Paramount Network

I must admitt that their work on energy independence and the use of renewable resources is very impressive. Goes to show you what can be accomplished if you only have the will. I also know that they have made great strides in many other scientific fields. My only concern is that in general, woo and irrational religious thinking seem to be rampant there; much like it is here in the US, where only a small percentage of the population thinks critically.

One can only hope that in the future such a civilization can arrise. As we have speculated here in this thread; Perhaps, on the ashes of the old ways A global Plato's Republic. Two tickets to Mars please. Yeah, it's quite amazing that people don't know that there is an aweful amount of brutality in "Utopia" by today's standards.

A born, bred, and trained "voting class". Infanticide of deformed or retarded or otherwise "undesirable" babies.

Apocalypse, Plague, and New America: Discounted Science Fiction eBooks

Count me out ;. Um, are you offended that Yellowstone won't wipe you out too? One thing that seems to be accepted as fact by most of the people here is that this extremely massive volcanic eruption will be a complete suprise. Yellowstone is one of the most observed volcano on the planet. If it starts going active, we will know. Helens b The seismic data will be unambigous about increasing activity c The US will take the threat seriously d The time from 1 to 4 , above will be at least several years.

I will call it a decade for convenience e I will assume that km is the total destruction radius, and that agriculture will be disrupted anywhere inside the maximum ashfall radius. This leads to this scenario: The threat of a major event is taken seriously after a St. Helens size eruption. A year is wasted with planning and dithering. Then several things start to happen. First, the midwest starts growing every bit of food possible, as quickley as possible. Second, cold and frost resistant grains and vegtables are engineered. Third, evacuation and ressettlement of all nonessential people in a box bounded by approximately I in the south, The Mississippi river in the east, the Canadian border to the north, and the eastern Oregon border to the west.

This is the approximate limit of the Lava Creek and Huckleberry Ridge ash beds. The midwest is toast for years, but after things settle down, cleanup can begin. Most of the country just shovels out of the ash and continues on. After the eruption, agriculture will be difficult but between hydoponics, cold adapted plants, and stored stockpiles, I dont think a major famine would happen.

Eventually yrs?

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  • In the meantime, however, we will have had to learn conservation and recycling to save scarce resources. That is what I mean by comeing out ahead. I dont think it would be fun, but I have a little faith in humanities adaptability.