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Final score:. Tiny Dynamine 3 years ago Damn right. Daria B 3 years ago I wanna see this as a comedy sketch. Trick Eye 3 years ago Hahaha Brilliant!

Simona David 3 years ago put my sofa on ebay!!! Daria B 3 years ago Oh my, this is genius! Luis Milian 3 years ago the point three recurring got me like David Karapetjan 3 years ago unfortunately upon one of their sessions he forgot safe word Pemberton 3 years ago sounds like my mum :. Amanda Panda 3 years ago she smiled eagerly as he unzipped his zip drive Shakespeare's Beau 3 years ago Ha,ha,ha Maria V 3 years ago Ahahahaha! Amanda Panda 3 years ago "I'm going to put as many balls into your hole as I possibly can," he said "that was blunt" she replied. Pemberton 3 years ago An usual scene with me and my flatmate.

Richie Franchie 3 years ago Oh no you didnt!! Pemberton 3 years ago I was thinking about yogurt pots. Amanda Panda 3 years ago Works for me everytime Soffea Rahim 3 years ago hahaha reminds me of Sheldon and his spot.

50 Shades! The Musical Parody Tickets

Pemberton 3 years ago Yeah pretty much. Abraham Sarmiento 3 years ago A real nerd knows Dvorak backwards. Kate Young 3 years ago Awesome Amanda Panda 3 years ago Then proceeded to pick up his PS4 controller with her greasy fingers. Amanda Panda 3 years ago love this one. ADayInTheLife 3 years ago iden-titties.

More Cupid than stupid, ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ just barely finds the Grey

Pemberton 3 years ago Reminded me of one nerd saying "My girlfriend is perfect, except that she won't come out of the screen. Amanda Panda 3 years ago I thought this was going to be someone itching a part of his back he couldn't' get too Tora Wookiee Macaw 3 years ago Its like trying to write important stuff on a dungeons and dragons character sheet.

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Autumn 3 years ago Ouch. I'm a vegan. Rachel Stephanie Ward 3 years ago This is fantastic. Well done. Amanda Panda 3 years ago "oooh yeah baby, talk Cosplay to me! Tal Rudin 3 years ago LOL.

Pemberton 3 years ago Oh just take her to Legoland or Forbiddend Planet. Jessica Lopez 3 years ago Damn straight! Add New Image. Change image Upload Photo Ooops! Upload Edit Image. Facebook Add watermark.

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Change Source Title. Get the latest inspiring stories via our awesome iOS app! Download Bored Panda app! What do you think? But these pieces keep appearing, functioning as a bulwark against the rising tide of romance acceptance. Anyone reading, and certainly anyone writing, those things can confidently and smugly pat themselves on the back. I hate that casual friends and acquaintances regularly take cheap shots at romance novels, always as a negative comparison to books that are seen as more worthy.

I want the genre to embrace and celebrate everything about who we were and are—which means also taking a hard look at our own history. If nothing exists between Fabio and Fifty Shades , then the publishing industry can sell the story that a black woman writing romance in is something new and that bisexual characters in are visionary. We deserve people who are interested in telling that story with us. Thank you! There was a problem adding your email address. Please try again.


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